Salem Witch Tales: The Animated Documentary

Welcome to the website for Salem Witch Tales: The Animated Documentary, a film by Margo Burns!

I am starting this website as I work on the film, to keep my friends, family and fans apprised of the progress I'm making.

You can read by production blog at:

I have a private Vimeo channel for work-in-progress at: - if you want to be part of the pre-viewing audience, please make yourself a free account at and email me at This clip below is a short bit from the earliest version of the film:

I am currently in production for the first segment of the film, called "Blue Blazes," the story of Elizabeth How, hanged July 19, 1692, taken directly from the original records of her court case: her neighbors testified that several years earlier, they hade lit their sick horse's farts on fire, only to have the animal die the next day. Goody How had apparently laughed. (You will, too!)

I had not imagined thatI would ever end up animating this with pencil and paper instead of something more computer-oriented, but that is how "Blue Blazes" got its start, so I'm going with it! The Acme-punched animation paper is turning out to be a big expense: at 15 fps, it will take 900 sheets per minute of the movie. "Blue Blazes" will take about three minutes, so that's about six reams, figuring on extra drawings, sketches, and re-drawing. If you would like to help contribute to the expenses of the film, I've decided to offer up some of the original preliminary sketches and drawings that I'm not using - signed, of course! - for small contributions to my paper fund. Check out this page of available original drawings!